Osteopathy - Overview

Osteopathy is a discrete medical specialty, which concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of complaints involving the body's muscles, tendons, joints, discs, nerves, ligaments and, in particular, how they relate to the body's mechanics, function and posture. In practice, this most commonly relates to musculoskeletal problems such as back and neck pain.

Osteopathy - Practioners

Zubin Morar


Myofascial Dry Needling

Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat.


Osteopathy & Myofascial Dry Needling


Zubin Morar has had an interest in the human body since the age of 16, when biology was his favourite subject at school. He researched various medical professions, including optometry, physiotherapy and chiropractic, before deciding to join the four-year osteopathic degree programme at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), now known as the University College of Osteopathy (UCO).
Graduating from the BSO in July 2003, Zubin started his career at an osteopathic practice in Teddington, and worked under a BSO tutor at a practice in Feltham. There he developed a particular interest in treating sports injuries, specifically knee and shoulder problems, as well as acute back and neck pain.
In October 2007, Zubin established the Sheen Therapy Centre. With a dedicated team of specialists, his South West London practice has expanded to offer a variety of holistic wellbeing and health treatments, including Foundation Training, the Perrin Technique, psychotherapy, therapeutic massage and reflexology. In addition, Zubin has developed his osteopathic skills by completing courses in Cranial Osteopathy and Myofascial Dry Needling, and more recently has trained in therapeutic kinesiology taping using Kinesio Tape, RockTape or Miracle Tape.
Zubin runs a general clinic from Monday to Saturday, treating a range of ailments in patients spanning all ages, from young adults to the elderly.
He is a member of the General Osteopathic Council (GOSc 5176) and the Institute Of Osteopathy.

  • Days // Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat.
  • Clients // Adolescents and Adults
Phillipa Last


Cranial Osteopathy [All Ages]

Days: Tue, Thurs.


Osteopathy & Cranial Osteopathy


Philippa Last has been working as an osteopath for the past 20 years. Since graduating from The British School of Osteopathy (BSO), now known as the University College of Osteopathy (UCO), she has wholeheartedly embraced professional life, working in established practices in London and implementing an NHS osteopathic service in Dulwich based in three GP surgeries.
Following a seven-year period building a practice in the Midlands, Philippa returned to London in November 2009, joining the team at Caroline Wells Osteopathy in Mortlake, as well as working at a practice in Victoria. Philippa joined Zubin and the team at Sheen Therapy Centre in 2012, and quickly built up a strong patient following based on her reputation. She has forged links with UCO, working as a clinical educator for the past 11 years, delivering lectures and supervising third- and fourth-year undergraduates while they assess and treat patients.
Philippa has a broad range of interests and specialities, including the treatment of work-related disorders and pregnancy-related back pain. She has comprehensive diagnostic and technical skills and uses a wide range of treatment approaches, including joint manipulation, articulation, deep soft-tissue massage and muscle-release work. Where appropriate, she also uses cranial osteopathic techniques, and particularly enjoys her work with babies and young children.
In 2016, she completed a PG Cert in Academic and Clinical Education, which has enhanced the skillset she can share with her students and patients.
Philippa is a member of the General Osteopathic Council (GOSc 3513) and the Institute of Osteopathy.

  • Days // Tue, Thurs.
  • Clients // Babies, Adults
David Lam



Days: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat.




David Lam has a curious mind for the human body. Whilst working as a personal trainer he felt a need towards wanting to understand the purity of movement and throughout the years has embarked on a journey of self-study and exploration into a field of topics to expand his understanding.

In search of a more defined path of study he found Osteopathy after reading the biography and teachings of the founder of Osteopathy, Dr Andrew Taylor Still, who’s principles resonated with his own ideas. In 2015, he enrolled on a four-year osteopathic degree program and the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), now known as the University College of Osteopathy (UCO).

Since graduating he has completed a short-course in Cranial Osteopathy and kinesiology taping. His particular interests are in postural correction and chronic musculoskeletal issues. David uses a wide-range of treatment approaches including  joint articulation,  manipulation, soft-tissue, fascial release, and breathing.

He is a member of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC 10297)

  • Days // Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat.
  • Clients // Adults
About Sheen Therapy Centre

A long established local private healthcare centre offering Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Myofascial Dry Needling, Psychotherapy, Deep Tissue Sports Massage, Foundation Training, Rock Tape, Pregnancy Massage, and Reflexology.

We aim to offer a friendly, welcoming and professional service to new and existing clients alike. All our practitioners are fully registered and insured within their respective fields.

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