Prenatal massage is safe and effective throughout the whole of your pregnancy (unless you have specific issues outlined by your health professional).
"The thing pregnant women take for granted in pregnancy is just how much of a strain it is on our bodies. Fortunately I have the pleasure of knowing Sue who corrected a pain I thought wouldn't disappear until after my baby was born. I'd never bothered with this type of massage with my previous two pregnancies, but dearly wish I had" - Liz H


Sue Glasgow

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Pregnancy Massage


Sue Glasgow graduated from the London School of Massage with a distinction in Deep Tissue Sports Massage in 2006. She has practised in Sheen for more than 10 years, having started her business in 2007, and previously worked at the Sheen Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic.
Working with Zubin and the team at Sheen Therapy Centre gave Sue a fantastic opportunity to expand her clinical knowledge, teaching and movement practice. Working with a vast range of clients, her practice is continually evolving, but her priority has always been to deliver the most up-to-date, effective and efficient soft-tissue and massage treatments to give clients better freedom of movement and freedom from pain.
In addition to hands-on treatments, Sue uses the latest in neuromuscular percussive therapy technology – a Theragun. This new device is incredibly effective in improving range of motion, breaking down scar tissue and adhesions, increasing lymphatic flow and reducing lactic acid. Many professional international athletes and teams – including NBA and NFL players, top European footballers and rugby clubs – use Theragun to aid faster recovery.
In early 2018, Sue became a fully certified Foundation Training Instructor, travelling to Brooklyn, NYC, to be trained by the master instructors of Foundation Training. She is currently the only certified instructor in London, and one of just 12 in the UK.

  • Clients // Adults and Teenagers
  • Days // Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat.
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