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Since a young adult, I always had an interest in the medical science. Influenced by my parents who were always open-minded in combining conventional medical treatment with alternative therapies, I grew up with Homeopathy as one of the treatment options for acute ailments experienced in childhood and adolescence.

During my work life as a Consultant and Business Analyst in fast-paced corporate environments, I greatly benefited from homeopathic treatment for insomnia and anxiety which had developed into a chronic problem for me. I therefore decided on Homeopathy as primary health care treatment for my little family and our dog and as a result re-joined University for a 3 years Bachelor of Science program in Homeopathy at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London in 2011. As part of the qualification, I started supervised work with patients in 2012 in Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacy, London and the Hale Clinic, Regent’s Park, London.

I work with patients varying in age from babies, children and adolescents to adults and elderly patients - all presenting with a wide range of health conditions including respiratory, digestive and skin problems.

Besides well known infections such as chicken pox, recurring colds, coughs, tonsillitis, etc., the patients who come and work with me suffer also from all the increasing health problems we hear about daily in the news - which includes fatigue, migraines, anxiety and/or depression.

My special interest in those cases is to take underlying hormonal health into consideration since experience from my practice shows that this can sometimes be a reason for the presenting complaint of a patient.

In addition, I am a certified CEASE therapist - further information on this can be found on

I’m a fully qualified Homeopaths and registered & insured member of the Society of Homeopaths


Tel: 020 8878 2731
Mob: 07774 233 721

Session Times

Monday - Saturday
At Centre or Iris's Home address


£50 Adult [60 - 90 mins]
£40 Children [60 mins]

£40 Adult [45-60 mins]
£30 Children [30-45 mins]


BSc [hon] Homeopathy

Professional Memberships


Sheen Therapy Centre
334 Upper Richmond Road West
East Sheen - London
SW14 7JR


t: 020 8878 2731

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday. 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday - 08:00 - 13:00
Sunday - Closed

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